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Woodworking services

If you do not find timber of required sizes, quality or names among the list of wooden articles submitted on our site-you can order the necessary wood products from our headrig.


We also manufacture and sale biofuels - fuel pellets. We produce pellets from wood sawdust. Wood pellets are produced by compression under high pressure without the use of chemicals.

Dry forests

In addition to lumber, we offer dry forests and woodproducts (floor boards, block-house, lining, weatherboard). All lumber is produced from pine, blockhouse and lining.

Round logs

Round logs perhaps are the most affordable and practical material for the construction of baths, gazebos and log houses. You can order the necessary wood products.


Our business activity is coordinated with government facilities.

Applying our equipment, we don't harm the mother nature.

After we saw a tree, we plant a new one instead.

Our personnel does the best, taking care of nature and using some materials repeatedly.

Our company does not encourage any damage to the environment.

We invest the lion's share of our profit into a large number of charity organizations.


We should care of our planet

Despite the fact that our company produces products made from wood material, we call everyone to save our environment in order to prevent catastrophic aftermath.

Investing into charity organizations and implementing only organic materials and secondary raw materials, we try to prevent global warming effect. Join us and together we will be able to make progress in this affair. For more detailed information about cooperation, please, contact us as soon as possible.